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Sunshine Candle & Soap is proud to do our part in controlling environmental waste.

What is better for the environment? Ugly Boxes or Fancy Colored Boxes with harmful Inks use?

Answer: Ugly Boxes

It's what is inside the box not the box itself.
  • All of our Kraft E Flute boxes are manufactured from corrugated containing approximately 32% Recycled material.

  • Our NEW product designs for soap boxes are now made without glue. This eliminates the use of petroleum gelatin and chemicals.

  • Our manufacturing factory in Orange, NJ recycled more than 81 tons of corrugated scrap and trimmings since 2017. This material was later used to make liner board.

  • We reuse the plastic strapping that bundles the many sizes of corrugated sheets we purchase from the paper mills.The amount of reused strapping for our out going pallets amounted to approximately 42,000 lineal feet that did not wind up in the landfill for 2017.

  • We are now selling a new revolutionary product- Loose Fill Peanuts that are 100% biodegradable- a product that is capable of being 100% consumed by bacteria which leaves no toxic residue. Also it can be completely composted. Sunshine will be switching our customers over to this new product .This will amount to approximate 7000 cubic yards of Styrofoam peanuts that will not make the land fill.