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Stock Product Samples

Stock samples presented on this site are available.
We list dimensions of our boxes to aid in choosing the right box for you. All dimensions listed are INSIDE dimensions.
If you need a sample or additional dimensions or other information please email us at [email protected]
Note: This is for product boxes, we will not send display stands.
Custom Product

Sunshine Valley is proud to offer custom product for your business. To offset the cost of design and a prototype, Sunshine has implemented a $50.00 setup fee for all custom product samples. This cost will be reimbursed as a credit towards your initial order. Minimum quantity's will apply depending on the size of your box. This can run from 500 up to 1000 for small boxes. There will also be a one time tooling charge. Production will proceed with the approval of your sample. Your product is often needed to help develop your sample. For more information on product samples or how this program works, please email [email protected]